Premium Southern - Centipede

Pennington® Centipede/Carpetgrass

  • The best way to establish a low-maintenance centipede lawn
  • Carpetgrass provides a temporary cover while the Centipede lawn establishes
  • Self-spreading, sun-loving, grass with a medium texture and darker green color
  • Produces a low-maintenance, dense, weed-resistant lawn
  • Average shade tolerance but better than that of Bermudagrass
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive MYCO Advantage™ technology
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkote® technology

Seed Planting Zones

Planting Specifications

Daily Light Required:


Full sun (8+ hours of daily sun)

Sun Tolerance:



Shade Tolerance:



Grass Color:


Medium to light green

Grass Texture:


Medium coarse

Drought Tolerance:



Disease Resistance:


Fair to good

Traffic Tolerance:



Planting Zones:



Recommended Planting Dates:


Late Spring to Summer

Planting Rates:


New Lawns: 4 lbs/1,000 sq ft


Overseeding: 2 lbs/2,000 sq ft

Planting Depth:


No more than 1/4”



Up to 30 days

Mowing Height:


1 1/2" - 2"

Planting & Growing Instructions

Premium Southern - Centipede

Mix 20 pounds of dry sand with one pound of seed and spread at right angles creating a crossing pattern on your lawn.

To allow for maximum contact between the seed and the soil, rototill or otherwise scratch area to be seeded to a depth of two to three inches. Drag the surface smooth and firm the seedbed. Evenly distribute seed over the soil and lightly scratch or rake area. Bury the seed at the rate recommended on the bag. Mulch lightly with wheat straw to prevent washing, and keep soil moist. On existing lawns, scalp lawn and remove all grass clippings. Fertilize, then distribute seed evenly and rake with a heavy rake to help seed gain contact with the soil.

Regular mowing will keep weeds clipped back and allow young seedlings to grow into a thick turf. Mow centipede regularly where crabgrass growth is heavy, as it may be early fall before centipede seedlings can be identified. Light fertilization in early fall and spring is recommended.

Mow at a 1½” to 2” cutting height using a sharp blade. Centipede grass does not require mowing as frequently as most other grasses.


  Overseeding New Seeding
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