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Sun Products

Smart Seed®
Dense Shade Mix

Our most-advanced seed formulated for areas of your yard with dense shade or very little sun. Specifically formulated to outperform other shade mixes.

Smart Seed®
Fescue/Bluegrass Mix

This mix provides the durability of Tall Fescue with the beauty of Kentucky Bluegrass. Produces a dense, tightly knit, dark green grass all season long.

Smart Seed®
Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Nothing but our best seed, formulated to give you the most luxurious Kentucky Bluegrass available. Contains self-spreading, disease- and insect-resistant varieties.

Smart Seed®
Perennial Ryegrass Blend

This cool-season perennial produces an easy-establishing, lush, fine-textured, durable turf with good traffic tolerance.

Smart Seed®
Sun & Shade Mix

This mix provides the most versatile grass in sunny to moderately shady areas.

Smart Seed®
Tall Fescue Blend

This premium cool-season mix is a versatile, low-maintenance choice. Produces deep roots that protect against drought and tough summer heat.

1 Step
For Bermudagrass Areas

Premium grass seed, mulch and fertilizer in one bag. Perfect for patching or repairing your lawn.

1 Step Complete
For Sun & Shade Areas

Made for areas of your lawn with variable sun and shade.

1 Step Complete
For Tall Fescue Areas

Ideal for use across a wide range of climate zones. Grows deeper roots and tolerates drought conditions better.

Other Grass Seed Products

Our Fescue/Bluegrass mix grows a thick, dark green, wear-tolerant lawn. This 99.9% weed-free mix will naturally spread to fill in bare spots and thin areas of your lawn and contains seed varieties with improved heat and drought resistance. Guaranteed to grow.