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We work hard every day to cultivate the best grass seed products available, so you can seed your yard with peace of mind. Every bag of grass seed you purchase from Pennington is backed by years of research and grown by farmers we know and trust.

Our products are bred to not only look better but also be more water-efficient and disease-resistant. Our competitors will try to sell you lesser-quality products. We think it’s only right to sell you the best.


These mixes include varieties that will thrive in areas of your lawn that receive a full day of direct sunlight.


These mixes include varieties that will thrive in areas with heavy shade, or little direct sunlight.

Traffic Tolerant

Formulated to withstand the rigors of heavier foot and pet traffic.

Drought Tolerant

Our drought-tolerant mixes are bred to require less frequent watering.

Regional Mixture

Wherever you live, we have a formula selected to grow optimally in your area.

Sun & Shade Mixture

An optimized grass seed mix perfect for areas of your grass with variable sun and shade.