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1 Step Complete™

Pennington 1 Step Complete® takes the guesswork out of growing thick, lush grass. Packed with premium Smart Seed® grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer and mulch, everything you need is premixed in the bag. This product is perfect for patching or repairing problem spots in your lawn.

  • 80% thicker with half the water of ordinary grass seed
  • Contains Pennington Smart Seed®, which saves up to 30% more water year after year vs. ordinary grass seed
  • Contains stabilized-release fertilizer that feeds up to 8 weeks
  • Contains the same mulch used by the professionals that promotes root growth deep into the soil
  • Guaranteed to grow
  • It's the easiest way to grow the dense, green grass you want
Available at your local lawn and garden retailer

1 Step Complete™ Products

1 Step Complete
For Dense Shade Areas

Specially made for problem areas of your grass with more shade than sun.

1 Step Complete
For Sun & Shade Areas

Made for areas of your lawn with variable sun and shade.

1 Step Complete
For Tall Fescue Areas

Ideal for use across a wide range of climate zones. Grows deeper roots and tolerates drought conditions better.

1 Step
For Bermudagrass Areas

Premium grass seed, mulch and fertilizer in one bag. Perfect for patching or repairing your lawn.

1 Step
Winter Overseeding Mix

Pennington 1 Step™ Winter Overseeding Mix is a premium blend of top-rated Perennial Ryegrass varieties ideal for overseeding warm-season lawns. Pennington 1 Step™ makes it easy to grow thick, lush grass in one simple step.