Other Grass Seed - 1Step Winter Overseeding

Winter Overseeding Mix

  • Combination natural mulch, premium grass seed and fertilizer
  • Mix of top-rated Perennial Ryegrass varieties
  • Designed for application through a spreader or by hand for consistent results
  • Contains stabilized-release fertilizer that feeds up to 8 weeks
  • Safe for use around kids, pets and other plants in the yard, exactly as Mother Nature intended


Seed Planting Zones

Planting Specifications

Daily Light Required:


Full Sun (8+ hours of daily sun)

Sun Tolerance:



Shade Tolerance:



Grass Color:


Rich green

Grass Texture:



Drought Tolerance:


Medium to low

Disease Resistance:



Traffic Tolerance:



Planting Zones:


1, 4, 6, 7, upper 3 & 5

Recommended Planting Dates:


Early fall

Planting Rates:


New Lawns:


Overseeding: 1 lb/16.7 sq ft

Planting Depth:


No more than ⅛”



7-21 days

Mowing Height:



Planting & Growing Instructions

Other Grass Seed - Winter Overseeding


Pennington 1 Step™ Winter Overseeding Mix is designed to provide a temporary lawn to enjoy while the weather is cool and your permanent lawn is brown and dormant.

  • For best results, spread 1 Step™ Overseeding Mix only after nighttime temperatures drop consistently below 65˚ Fahrenheit (19˚ Celsius) and your existing lawn begins to slow in growth and go dormant losing its existing green color.
  • Scalp existing lawn by cutting at the lowest setting possible on your mower.
  • Rake existing lawn to loosen soil, and remove debris and grass clippings.


Adjust spreader to highest setting and apply Pennington
1 Step™ Overseeding beginning at the yard's perimeter working your way in as your passes continue.

  • For best results, overlap passes by at least half the width of your spreader to ensure maximum coverage when using a drop-spreader.
  • Repeat application in the opposite direction to form a crosshatch pattern.
  • Continue process until the entire 500-square-foot area of lawn is covered.


Keep the seeds and soil moist by watering the lawn twice daily with a light application for the first 4 days. On the 5th day, begin watering heavier every other day for 5 days. Once complete, water as needed to prevent wilting.


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