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Bermudagrass Products

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For Bermudagrass Areas

Premium grass seed, mulch and fertilizer in one bag. Perfect for patching or repairing your lawn.

Warm Season Grasses
Pennington® Bermudagrass Blend

Our top-of-the-line Bermudagrass product produces a thick, aggressively self-spreading lawn with improved cold-tolerant varieties.

Sahara Bermudagrass

Sahara Bermudagrass is a very drought-tolerant Bermudagrass that is bred to grow greener and finer than common Bermudagrasses.

Other Grass Seed Products

Ideal for full-sun areas, our Bermudagrass Mix is a highly durable, heat- and drought-tolerant blend. This blend is self-spreading, self-repairing, 99.9% weed-free and treated with Penkote®, a protective fungicide and a growth stimulant to promote faster establishment. Guaranteed to grow.