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Sun & Shade Mixture

Sun & Shade Mixture Products

Smart Seed®
Fescue/Bluegrass Mix

This mix provides the durability of Tall Fescue with the beauty of Kentucky Bluegrass. Produces a dense, tightly knit, dark green grass all season long.

Smart Seed®
Sun & Shade Mix

This mix provides the most versatile grass in sunny to moderately shady areas.

Smart Seed®
Northeast Mix

This premium all-purpose mix is specially designed for use in sunny to moderately shady areas of the Northeast. Contains improved drought-tolerant seed varieties with good disease and insect resistance.

Smart Seed®
Pennsylvania State Mix

This 100% premium Smart Seed™ mix is composed of grasses recommended for Pennsylvania’s varied climactic conditions.

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For Sun & Shade Areas

Made for areas of your lawn with variable sun and shade.

Other Grass Seed Products

Our Fescue/Bluegrass mix grows a thick, dark green, wear-tolerant lawn. This 99.9% weed-free mix will naturally spread to fill in bare spots and thin areas of your lawn and contains seed varieties with improved heat and drought resistance. Guaranteed to grow.

Other Grass Seed Products
Perennial Ryegrass

Ideal for fall and winter overseeding of Bermudagrass in southern lawns, our 99.9% weed-free Perennial Ryegrass germinates faster than other grasses. It also grows a lush, fine-bladed, permanent lawn in northern zones. Guaranteed to grow.