Signature - Sun & Shade

Signature Series

When it comes to grass, no two regions are the same. Pennington's Signature Series™ contains premium-quality grass seed varieties that are 99.9% weed-free and mixed specifically for each region of the country. Simply find the formula that suits your surroundings and watch it grow.

In the Signature Series, you know you’re getting 100% grass seed enhanced with Penkote® technology, all from the people who truly care about the beauty of your grass.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s.

Signature Series™ Products

Signature Series™
Dense Shade Mixture

A high-quality grass seed mixture with an attractive, fine texture. Grows well in heavily shaded areas and has a medium to dark green color.

Signature Series™
Shady Lawn Mixture

A high-quality cool season mix containing turf-type Tall Fescue and shade-tolerant Fine Fescue varieties. Produces a fine-textured turf with a medium to dark green color.

Signature Series™
Sun & Shade Mixture

An excellent choice for overseeding an existing lawn, patching damaged areas or planting a new lawn. Regionally mixed for the Midwestern states and contains no annual ryegrass.

Signature Series™
Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend

A high-quality seed blend of turf-type Tall Fescues that performs well in full sun to moderately shaded areas. It is lower growing, requires less mowing and provides a greener, more finely textured lawn than Kentucky 31.